Your Friendly Local Web Designer...


I’m a freelance web designer/developer based in North Tyneside, UK.

Unfortunately, due to a current over-abundance of projects, I am unable to take on any further work.



My expertise.

  • HTML5 based.
  • CSS3 styled.
  • Responsive web design, so your site will adapt for mobile browsing (resize your browser window to see what I mean. It’s awesome!)
  • Dynamic content management system (CMS) via WordPress and PHP
  • jQuery, to glue things together over different browsers

If you want a Flash based site, a site where a cute little dog image scampers across the screen, a site with a garish colour scheme or a site that loads in IE6, you’ll have to look elsewhere. I’m not your man. I’m more than happy to experiment and push the boundaries but at the end of the day I like clean, simple, easy to navigate sites that deliver content effectively.

My tools

I use open-source programmes. My main weapons of choice are minimal: Sublime Text 2 for code editing, Filezilla for FTP transfer and WordPress. If I need image/logo design I get someone who knows what they are doing.




So, what else do I get up to when not building websites? You can catch me playing electric bass all over the UK and often overseas too (always with my laptop on standby!). I'm the Music Technician at Newcastle University and regularly produce/record/engineer tracks for top independant musicians in the North East. I enjoy badminton and astromony, which gets some fresh air in my lungs every now and then.

Clean coding equals faster loading.